Blissful summer: ON THE GO!


Did you ever wonder what to take with you on holiday ?! Too many stuff, thoughts, emotions…we all know these. Whether you’re visiting your old cousin or just going to chill on a classy beach full of hot bodies (Sorry :P), here’s TOP 5 not to miss this summer:

  1. Swimsuit ( you have to buy the type that fits you~! that means one piece swimsiut or a 2 piece swimsuit). Don’t worry, you’ll find yours. It all depends on your budget. Shop the right one at for designer swimwear under 100$ as well as for stunning pieces less than 20$.
  2. Sun tan lotion (a.k.a. sunscreen). Get one that protects you, but also intensifies you to-be-tan. Go for Nivea, Piz Buin or Avene for amazing products.
  3. Your iPad, laptop or any gadget that can keep you in touch with the news and your friends’ activities.
  4. A list with cool places, good restaurants, fun clubs and lounges. In order for you not to get bored on your most-wanted holiday, consider planning it in advance. Search the net for reviews and opinions of the most visited places of your vaction destination.
  5. You can always relax reading your fav book. Take it with you or just put the Kindle in your bag and you’re ready to set off. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

Wherever you’ll go, you’ll have a great time with these 5 to-take things. Keep the summer close, and fun closer!

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