Trend alert: HAIR

Long or short, there is no excuse not to style your hair. This summer is all about playing with the lenght and color, so don’t be affraid to rock your hair on! STYLE PREMIERE has gathered a 3-step guide to inspire you:

  • Be bun-alicious! Hair buns are everywhere…from the catwalks to the streets. Pull your hair up in a messy bun and style it up with some boyfriend jeans and a colored T-shirt. You’ll be fab!


  •  If you’re not into up-do’s, you can let your hair go with the flow! Try ombre hair, the style that never gets old. You can ask your hairdresser to do it, or just buy a DIY kit, and there you go… a total diva!


  • If you want a little more pop of color, then don’t worry, there’s more! Anastasia Beverly Hills came up with a full range of powders, Anastasia Hypercolor, that you can use for both make-up and hair. For a convenient price, you can bring Hollywood to you in a matter of seconds!



Tell us what you liked, and what will you try this summer!

2 Responses to “Trend alert: HAIR”
  1. silverkis spune:

    I really love the ombre hair trend… but lightening my ends has caused indescribable damage! I’ve yet to try one of those diy home kits for ombre coloring… wonder if they work or will I end up with disaster?

    • alinaxox spune:

      The L’oreal Wild Ombre also contains hydogen peroxide, in order to lighten up the hair. Yes, they work pretty good, but yet there will be some damage to your hair due to the bleaching. I recommend to use a treatment after you lighten your hair. There are some leave-in treatments from TIGI ( the one I use it’s called TIGI WONDERFUL TONIGHT) or just a normal conditioner( the one you like) to prevent your hair from getting dry and for the ends to split. Also, if you’re using a hair straightener, make sure you use one product for preventing heat damage.


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