The COFFEE obsession

I didn’t just pick cute pictures of coffee from various websites. I write about coffee because it’s my passion. It makes 3 years since I first tasted it and it feels amazing. Coffee inspires me, and the taste of it it’s the most important to me. Many people don’t like it, and that’s ok , but I always try to suggest some alternatives, because coffee isn’t just tasty, it’a also healthy. It can prevent cancer, and other diseases by only one small cup a day.

As a fan of the coffee, I would like you( coffee drinkers) to take a look at the most important thing to know about it: the preparation


It’s the most accurate thing I can relate about, so keep these simple and easy 4 steps in mind!

On the other hand, at the beginning I was totally confused about the coffee I should order. To avoid this, here’s what you need to know:


The names are funny, but once you get them, it will be the funniest thing to order your favorite drink!

Now, to help you understand why I said that there are many alternatives of the regular coffee, I made a quick menu, with 3 types of coffee-drinks that you might like:

  • Cappuccino is a light drink, that has a small amount of coffee and a generous amount of milk. I recommend you drink this on a cold day, so you can feel all warmed up and cozy 🙂 + THAT IN SOME COFFEE SHOPS YOU GET THEM WITH A COOKIE AND A WONDERFUL PATTERN ON IT

  • The frappe is another type of coffee drink that you’ll just adore if you’re on vacation in a sunny place. It contains ince cream, milk foam and ice, all mixed up with coffee, for you to enjoy at the seaside 🙂


  • Last but not least is the espresso, my favorite. Although it might seem strong, an espresso has fewer caffeine than a freshly brewed coffee. So don’t worry if you get a double one, I tell you, you’ll love it 😀


Also, the coffee shops that I like are Starbucks, or any little cafe that has a lovely atmosphere and some excellent coffee. 

Vote down here for your type of coffee 🙂

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