Rock the Metal!

Summer, hot weather and we’re here! Nothing compares to a cool breeze that lightens up our day. No matter if you’re up in the city or just going for a walk, there’s nothing better than metallic accessories. Heels that bring us back to Spanish accents, solid necklaces that are perfect for a busy day up in NY or just a loose bracelet that can perfectly adjust to the seaside and endless fun. You guessed it. It’s about you and your style!


  • The sandals are just what you’ll be looking for in a hot day. If you want a comfy heel that still gives you attitude, try these and you’ll be forever in love with them. Find the pair at ZARA .



  • If you don’t have a necklace that will suit every outfit you want, there it is. A gold one, that will give you an extra bling that won’t be too much to put in every time you go out. Find it at H&M .




  • Too bored? Pull out your SWAG ! Here are 2 items you don’t want to miss this summer and which you’ll have plenty of fun with. Don’t take it too serious and you’ll be the center of attention in a matter of seconds with these crazy accessories. New at H&M.













  • You can also try dome DIY ideas that you can easily find on Internet and do at home. Some sneak-peeks of them :







So here you are. Don’t worry about your colors anymore. Metallic is the new trend now!

Tell us what you liked and how will you accessorize your summer outfit 🙂

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