Summer issue: Sunglasses report

Sunglasses are deffinitely a must when it comes to all seasons. Even if the sun’s not up and shinig bright, the UV rays can affect our eyes. That’s why we must be very careful when we choose our sunnies, and not only buy them because they’re fashionable.


This is a guide for you to know how to get the right sunglasses according to your face shape. You’ll find the right one very quick!


Another important step in buying sunnies is the UV protection.Repeated exposure to UV radiation can cause a number of eye problems, so you want to make sure you avoid them.


Designer sunglasses may cost over 200$, but if you don’t want to spend all that on sunglasses you don’t have to worry. The important thing is to check the protection on any other pair that you want to buy. Once they meet the standard ( of 2, preferable 3) on the UV scale, they’re good to buy.

Don’t buy sunglasses that have no protection. It’s like wearing nothing on your eyes, so don’t bother anymore !


Last but not least. Do you wear glasses? Don’t worry, you still have at least two options to choose from if you want to style up with some sunglasses. You can buy prescription sunglasses or glasses with photochromic lenses (which change from clear to dark) from your eye care practitioner. Or, if you want a more easy method, just oder some contact lenses that are suitable for your eyes, and then wear your sunnies without any problem.


What kind of sunglasses do you like? Are you into fashion sunnies or professional ones? Tell SP here!

Enjoy your summer!

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