The perfect gift S.O.S

Whether it’s your mother, dad, cousin or aunt, you’ll always think about the „perfect present” for their birthday. You might say you don’t know their taste, or their favorite color, but actually there’s a simple guide to hit the right spot when you’re in trouble.

Mom: What’s not to like about them, and they always like our gifts. But to make sure you impress her right, check out for some cool things like scented candles(Yankee Candle), a clutch(Celine), or if she’s a phone addict, maybe a cute phone case( to match her clothes.




Dad: He’s the one that taught you how to ride a bike or gave you advice when you needed it. Now, if you want to surprise him you just have to think about these ideas and find the right match:a hi-tech bracelet(Nike+) if he’s an athletic person, a leather belt(Hermes) for the fashion man that he represents or his favorite fragrance(Chanel,



Cousin: You might have shared magic moments together and that’s a special thing. Let him/her know that you still enjoy them so you can get them some colorful bracelets(DIY), an ultimate game console(Wii U, or a wonderful watch(Toywatch).




Aunt: She might be your favorite person to spend holidays with, but you have to know what to get her so try buying a gift card(H&M), a special cooking set(Kitchen craft) or some decorations( for the home and garden.

Giftcard+new+30006001_tel_23_cm_kitchen_craftfresh home decorating

  Or, if you find yourself creative and want to give it a try, you can always start a DIY project that will assure you that your loved ones will appreciate it more, as it comes from your hands and heart! Try to get inspired!

Share these ideas with your friends and swap them everytime you need ! With these gift ideas you’ll never go wrong. Do you have suggestions or did you already pick the gift? SP is ready for you!

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