Top 5 shoes( and why to buy them, of course!)

Here at Style Premiere we are a family. A family that will always tell and advise you how to find the perfect style. Whether it’s about your clothes. home or life, there are always some tips and tricks to pop up something interesting. And that’s why we would like to start with shoes. Yes, SHOES!

Regardless of gender, you will always search for the right pair. Going to a party or a meeting, you’ll always know what to wear. And it’s not just about the look, it’s about the quality too. You can’t afford losing your heel or scratching them. They are your visit card to the world.

Let us begin with the TOP 5 best shoes and their designers:

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti. The Italian designer is the guru of the celebritity high heels. Gwyneth Paltrow or the Kardashian sisters are just a few who like their heels up in the sky. The shoes are made of high-quality leather and they are said to offer confort for your feet as long as you wear them. Get a peek here!


2. Christian Louboutin. The French designer first invented the red sole in 1992 by testing red nail polish on the back of one shoe. Since then, his shoes rock the catwalks all around the world and are the favorites of the celebrities. Again, the shoes are of high-quality leather and you won’t be disappointed if you are willing to buy a pair. Go ahead here!


3. Gianvito Rossi. Italy again! The elegance of this brand was born in 2007 but escalated quickly to a famous name. The sheer love and passion is crafted into the most appreciated heels. Nappa leather is just one of the highlights along with comfort and style. You will love the brand. Discover it here!


4. Charlotte Olympia. The half-brazilian, half-english designer behind the label of Charlotte Olympia is the brain of this intriguing shoes. With a spider web as a decoration, you will se high platforms and heart-like soles that will take you to a fairytale world. You might want to know that the shoes are made of fine materials, such as calf skin or suede. Go here!

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5. Manolo Blahnik. The award-winner and famous shoe designer has made himself known by creating the worlds most wanted pairs of heels. A long list of celebrities is to be mentioned when it comes to who likes his shoes. So. it appears that the Spanish designer has it good. Not to mention that this famous shoes are made of leather and other luxurious materials that will catch your eye as soon as you walk in them! Convince yourself!


So, those are our 5 go-to designers for a pop of style and quality. Choose the pair that fits you the most and don’t forget to check up the prices for a good deal. Never forget, you will always find the right pair if you are patient and try more than three pairs when you go shopping. Good luck!

-Style Premiere

cover: Casadei Blade Pumps©

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