Get your tech-life on! The new Galaxy Note 3

A few years ago, the giant brand Samsung brought to us The Galaxy Note. A phone that looked more like a mini-tablet, and had a new aattachment: The S Pen. A new generation was invented, and with this thing, the people got the „Note fever„.  Until today, there are three phones that belong to the category: Note 1( the very first), Note 2 and Note 3 ( the new edition). The characteristics of the phone have evolved, and we are entitled to say that we too are addicted to it. The largescreen, amazing sense of style, features that ease your way to communicate and a hi-tech camera. What else can we say… Let’s get it!

At the IFA Berlin conference, the Galaxy Note 3 was probably the best smartphone that is to be launched on the markets all around the world. It comes with a wide range of cases that will add a pop of style and elegance along with the ultimate technology.

We  can’t wait, here at  Style Premiere, to get our hands on it, and update our phones, Note 2 with some new features and air commands. What do you think? Will you get it or not? 

Get the full specs here!




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