Trench up for the autumn!

Here’s the spotlight of this autumn: the trench coat. A feminine yet edgy piece of clothing that can transform you in a fashion icon. The designers come with a wide range of fabrics and patterns that give the oportunity of being stylish all day long. You can combine it with different accessories and shoes to create unique outfits.

The trench coats are good for autumn, rain and windy weather so don’t hesitate to purchase one right away! Whether you go for Burberry, the classic brand for this type of clothing, or choose other brands that suit your tastes, the good point is that you can use it when you want. Don’t be affraid of making a statement!



Take this red Bottega Veneta trench! It’s amazing how you can style it up with a pair of nude ankle boots or just pop it up with a dark green pencil skirt.



Tired of buttons? Put some zips on! The Junya Watanabe trench is one of a kind! Pair it up with some suede boots to get an ultimate catwalk look!



And don’t forget Burberry! The collection will surprise you, as you’ll experience the trench coat as a unique clothing piece. Animal prints and warm beiges will surround you and give you an amazing experience…



And if you’re not a brand addict, try one of H&M’s version of the trench coat! Be sure you’ll adore it!




Tell us more about your style and your trench coat and


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