Holiday nails. With OPI & Mariah Carey

I know, we all want Christmas to be here as soon as possible. But I have something better. YOU CAN! ISN’T IT GREAT?


You may now wonder how… well OPI& Mariah Carey are bringing it a bit earlier, for you to try the magic of the holiday! It’s another fabolous collaboration between the two, but now let’s enjoy the collection, that just came out of the best nail polish labs!

Autumn is here, and you want your nails to be ready for the white winter. And the truth is, this collection will not disappoint you, as it comes in 18 shades, with a little Liquid Sand action !


We’ll have a look at the shades together, just for you to make sure that you won’t miss anything! Indulge yourself in these perfect colors, and let your nails be the attraction of the year!

We shoud start with a Cute Little Vixen, a mix of passion and sparkle, ready for the girl that knows what she wants! Wear it with confidence, and look amazing!



All I want for Christmas is OPI, and we know it! It’s an absoultely adorable shade, that’s going to make you go crazy! What a color…


We want you to be All Sparkly and Gold, so you’ll have to try this one! Who is going to watch the fireworks when you’re wearing this color?



I’m going to be…In My Santa Suit for these holidays! A passionate red that will make everyone believe that you’re the gift fairy this year! Why not try a bit of magic?



I Snow You Love Me! And if you do, you’ll wear these amazing snowflakes on your nails right when it starts to snow. Magic, right?




My Favorite Ornament is definitely this nail polish! A twist of gold and all the things you’ve ever dreamt of. Kind of like a fairytale, you’ll be happy to wear!



I think you’re such a Sky Slope Sweetie! And this shade was made for you! See how your nails become the sensation of the party!


A Sleigh Ride For Two, I know that’s what you wanted! A wonderful nail polish that will break the ice! Wear it with caution, it also breaks hearts! 🙂



We all want to be Underneath The Mistletoe for that magic moment. You should add this shade too, and make it a perfect night for the rest of your holiday!


And then, we had  Visions of Love, deeply emerged into the colorful atmosphere of this Christmas! Why not discover it yourself?



This year’s holiday is all about Warm Me Up! Why not drink something hot, and wear something hotter? What do you say of this shade?


A Wonderous Star is what will make this Christmas special. Think of what they’ll say when they see you wearing this!




And, as a bonus, OPI is bringing another six shades, and guess what, they’re Liquid Sand! If you’re not familiar with the procedure, Style Premiere helps you to get through it quickly!


So, Baby Please Come Home ! A unique shade that really works it! It’s time to show off your nails!



We know that Christmas is full of Emotions! Deep and beautiful ones, like this nail polish. Discover them more by trying this!




It’s Frosty Outside, and there’s nothing better to show this than this nail polish. While you stay warm, let your nails try the icy weather!




Just when you’ll wear this, you’ll be saying Kiss Me at Midnight! Put that stars on and sparkle all the way to the right moment!



Make Him Mine? Sure, this shade will do it! Don’t you think so? It’s so cute…



And, for the final picture to be complete,Shining Stars Go By… an amazing color, for some amazing nails, just like you love it!





This is the one and only Mariah Carey Holiday Collection for OPI. I find it soothing to just go shopping, and thinking of trying all these unique shades. And I’m sure you agree.

You can buy them online, or just find them in beauty stores, as well as professional salons. Hurry up and get them, as they are hitting the market this month. Enjoy a little pre-Christmas magic! I’m sure you’ll have plenty of it by that time!


Visit OPI!




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