Trend Highlights: Cocktail Rings

We ‘re totally in love with them. They match your drinks, and moreover, will draw all attention on you. They’re so colorful and amazing!

The Piaget collection features gold and jewels, built in incredible combinations, to inspire you! They look like Martini and Daiquiri, and many other delish drinks!

You’ll find here some suggestions , for you to pick when going to a cocktail party or an event that requires elegance and beauty!


We’re obsessed with this mojito (ring). The bigger, the better!


Fancy a strawberry and lime combo! Fabolous!


All signs point to blueberry daiquiri! What a ring!


And if you can’t decide, try a tutti frutti! A tornado of fruits!

The cocktail party inspired rings are a must when you go to such events!

The Piaget collection is available here!

Get creative and tell us about your accessories when you go to a cocktail party!

Do you like these rings?

Cover:© PIAGET 2013

4 Responses to “Trend Highlights: Cocktail Rings”
  1. B spune:

    so pretty *drooling*

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