The Ultimate Gift Guide|Style Premiere 2013

It’s snowing and I’m feeling like it’s almost Christmas. And I know that you wait for it too. That magical time of the year when you have plenty of time for yourself and your family. And your friends! Lots and lots of gifts, cookies and scented candles. Cause this is what Christmas is all about.

It’s so wonderful to know that all that is about to come. And we don’t have time, because there are only a few days….imagine that! 😛

And if you’re saying that you’ll be busy around that time of the year, don’t worry. I understand you ! I’m like that too. Everyone is….

So….taking advantage of this wonderful time (pssst, it’s snowing outside!!!!), I have a little something for you.


Now you don’t have to worry no more about shopping two days before the event, and you’ll have plenty of time to order your gifts or even to wrap them by yourself. Lovely, isn’t it?

I picked together with my friends and a some stylists just the right presents for you to buy ( for your family, friends, and even for yourself).

Take your time, explore them and pick the right one!

It’s about this time of the year…cold, snowy weather…why bother trying to find the right accessory when you have these gorgeous UGG Ear Muffs to keep you warm?

shop online at UGG

Totally in love with these Valentino Gloves? Yes! Buy them for Christmas? Yes! They’re totally in fashion this winter. Shop them here


Don’t let your iPad get too cold! This holographic iPad sleeve form Stella Mccartney is stunning, and perfect for tech-lovers! You can find it here!


Imagine those magic moments of a cozy dinner and a glass full of red wine! Oh, and this ring on your hand! Just fabolous! Oscar de la Renta has it! Get it here!

More and more…heels! This amazing Giuseppe Zanotti blue sandals are made for an ice queen. Shop cobalt blue!

A set of three CHANEL hardcover books full of history and unique photos! Discover the heritage of the Chanel house ! Book available here!

A little festive action over there! This Gucci tote cheers you all the time, and it’s the perfect gift for your happy friends! Find it here!

Get all the beauty for your browns with this Anastasia Beverly Hills stencils that will help you get the perfect shape! I fully recommend them! Shop them here!

This amazing Perle di Biance solid perfume is an amzing product that you will love instantly! It’s an outstanding piece of garment! Get it here!

The Sweet Charity Clutch from Louboutin gathers all the Christmas mood in it! It’s so shiny and velvety! You can find it here!

So, if you still think that you don’t have time, this is the right moment for you to start ordering your gifts right away! I hope you love Style Premiere’s suggestions for this year!

Shop designer or designer-inspired also on TStylesU, a great fashion site!

Don’t forget, Christmas is almost here and everyone is getting ready for it! Be good to everyone and share the joy that lights your heart! I will be waiting for your comments and suggestions right here, and why not, propose your own favorite gift as an item of the guide! You never know when Santa is watching….

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