You’re tagged! 10 questions/ 10 answers

I was very happy to see that Lucandrob has tagged me into a contest that is viral on WordPress. You’re tagged 10 questions /10 answers  lets people know you better and reveals the real blogger, behind the screen.

I received my questions in German, and as long as my German knowledge doesn’t fail me, I will translate them for other bloggers to understand them too.

1. Was ist dein Lieblingsparfüm? ( What is your favorite perfume?)

My favorite perfume is Bvlgari Rose Essentielle.

2. Würdest du bauchfrei tragen? ( Would you wear crop-tops?)

I personally don’t like that fashion, but I accept it in the case of celebrities.

3. Was war dein verrücktester Spontankauf, den du nie getragen hast? ( What was the most spontaneous thing that you bought, and never wore?)

A pair of flair jeans, that I bought two years ago, and never used them. They’re nice though 😛

4. Dein Must-Have für Silvester 2013? ( Your must-have for New Years Eve 2013?)

Deffinitely a statement necklace/earrings. You can wear them to almost every outfit.

5. Dein aktuelles Lieblingslied? (Your favorite song at this moment?)

Do What You Want-Lady Gaga feat. R.Kelly

6. High Heels oder Ballerinas? (High heels or flats?)

High heels of course! I’m addicted to them even though they’re not as comfortable as flats are.

7. Würdest du graue Haare färben oder dazu stehen? (Would you dye your grey hair or stay like that?)

I would totally dye it because grey hair looks unaesthetic, for a woman. I do not comment this about men! Out of my business 🙂

8. Welche Farbe hat dein Adventskranz oder deine Weihnachtsdeko? ( What color does your Advent wreath or your Christmas decorations have?)

My Christmas decorations are red and golden this year! Can’t wait to use them!

9. Aktuelles Lieblingsrezept?  (Your actual favorite recipe?)

I bake a lot of delicious things from a very good German pastry chef. His name is Bernd Siefert and has a lot of exquisite cakes. My favorite right now is Bella Kaffee Torte!

10. Ist der Nagellack Teil deines Outfits? (Is the nail polish part of your outfit?)

Of course! I’m in love with my nails and my nail polishes and try to use as many combinations as possible! But always with style! I’m currentyly using Baby Please Come Home ( liquid sand) from OPI.

So, this were the questions that I received and I was prud to answer them! Thanks Lucandob!

Now, I will present you the rules of the game!

– You have to answer all 10 questios that the tagger asked you

– Think of 10 questions that you want the bloggers that you will tag to answer

– Search for 10 blogs that have under 200 followers and tag them

-Explain the lucky boggers what do they have to do in order not to confuse them!

– You can’t tag back the blogger that tagged you

My 10 questions are:

1. What do you think about the UGG boots? Wear them or not?

2.Do you plan your outfit when going out or just pull some clothes out of the closet and go like that?

3.Do you usually eat in town or are you a home-cooking lover?

4.Do you only buy brands or do you always look for the best alternative of the desired product?

5.Do you like to travel? If yes name one favorite place….if no tell us why!

6.Are you a fan of the little black dress and jeans and white tee-shirt?

7.Do you like ombre-hairstyle?

8. 2014 is the year of……

9.Do you wear makeup everyday or just ocasionally?

10.Describe yourself in three words!

And the lucky bloggers are: Fashion is all that , The Rhythm of Heels, Walk with Ad, kklovesfashion, M.L.B, Life is my dancefloor,Witch Bitch Fashion,First and Chic Blog, Fashion Geek Girl, Fixed on Fashion

You are all invited to do this quiz on your page and then let me know how it went! I’m waiting for your answers ( leave the link to your answers down here)!

2 Responses to “You’re tagged! 10 questions/ 10 answers”
  1. lucandrob spune:

    love it! thanks for the translation, didn’t think about it!

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