Holiday Season| The goose is coming to town

Oh what a wonderful festive time! It’s the 1st of December and you can already smell Christmas in the air! Everywhere you look you see shops that wait for you to buy the gifts you need…there are festive decorations everywhere and in a few days your neighbours will start singing carols…yes, it’s Christmas ~

And because everyone likes and loves this time of the year, Louis Vuitton has launched a special collection that features not only the well-known bags, but also jewelry, clothes and shoes (sparkling eyes~!)

Here’s a little preview of the wonderul collection, A Festive Holiday Season with the help of a little friend, the Goose that will giude you through a wonderful game!



There are more ideas to discover until Christmas or New Year’s Eve so go to Louis Vuitton Site and enter the game! Let the goose guide you 🙂

Firstly, you have to choose your favorite items and put them in the gift list. At the end of the game, you can send the gift list to your dear ones, for inspiration!

Cover:© Louis Vuitton




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