Holiday Treats|Christmas Fashion

My dear ones I’m so happy to wish a Merry Christmas to you all. It’s a blessing to have you all near me reading my blog. It has been a long and beautiful year and this year you deserve to be as beautiful and as fabolous as never!

We all know the difficult times we go through when we have to choose our outfit for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here are some giudelines for you…just a little help if you find it hard to choose the right ones!

I’m happy to share this with you made exclusively by Style Premiere.


Dare to mix luxurious fabrics with sequins for an ultimate look for every occasion!



Wear floral or lace tops to create an unique combination with a leather skirt! It’s sheer elegance!


Let’s not forget the shoes that make every outfit a perfect piece of art~ try glitter or metallics, and you’ll rock!


And…do not forget about the bag, makeup and accessories that complete your look. Here are some suggestions!

Go on girls…inspire yourselves to create amazing outfits ! It has never been easier, and I hope you find inspiration in these samples!

I’m waiting for your feedback, down there in the comment box…what do you like, what do you already have or your own recommendations!

Happy Holidays !

Cover: YSL ©
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