It’s a new year and since the holidays are gone, I really felt like getting on a great shape. And I’m sure you feel like it everyday too.

And it’s not just about exercising and having a good and healy lifestyle, but it’s the motivation that keeps you going on. An I also know that this could be a bit of a problem.

Instagram feed, full of quotes and great bodies that we all want. The Internet bursting out with advice on how to keep up with a good diet. But nobodys there, telling you not to let go. Until NOW!





It’s the Nike Fuelband that will amaze you! I know that it has already been mentioned in The Perfect Gift S.O.S, and I found out a lot about it since then.

It’s a great device, and everyone who got it are pleased with it. It helps you keep in shape but counting your Nikefuel and steps, so you’ll always know how much exercise you did in one day. You can sync it with your iOS device and you’re ready to go anywhere!


And if that doesn’t impress you, it’s also a watch. Or a high-end bracelet. Anyway, the good thing is you’ll never have excuses not to get up and move again.

It comes in a different range of neon colors ( the Fuelband is black but it has some colored details), black but also the new ones, Rose Gold and Silver.

Needless to say it’s waterproof, and you can take it with you in the shower or simply in the pool.




Even if it doesn’t seem to have one, you can connect it to your PC through its USB port, and you can charge it very easy. It’s light and resistant, so you can wear it anywhere! Also don’t forget to choose your size, S, M, L, which you can adjust with a small piece included.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and DO try it, because I fnd it very useful. Sometimes we need a little help to start things, but then you’ll be unstoppable!

Don’t hesitate to also try Nike gear, which I have been using for years and I’m very satisfied with…

Also I recommend using Nike Training Club, a wonderful app ( for both iOS and Android) full of workouts that you can do everywhere! In the park, at home, at your friends, even having a workout party… You don’t need equipment for all of them so you should try it! P.S. it really works!

Getting back to the Fuelband, I hope you try it and tell me what you think, customize it and get moving!

gld4 gold gold2


Find the Fuelband on the Nike site, right HERE!



Cover: © Nike

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