Woman’s Day 2014| Motivational w/ Marie Claire

I like very much this day. Not only because it’s March 8th, Woman’s Day, but also because I have always experienced a warm and pleasant weather. I like to go in the city, explore new landscapes, and have fun. Today it was that kind of day….



After I enjoyed a cup of coffee, my favorite Lungo made at my Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo,  I stepped out into the warm spring sun, and indulged myself into a fun day out.

Woman’s Day is such a great event , that everyone knows about it. From little to old. I like that girls get flowers, and the boys go crazy for gifts.

But what I like the most is what is happening worldwide. Campaigns as the one I’m about to talk are great.


Marie Claire and L’Oreal Paris are introducing One Tweet, One Wish, an action that brings together Internet users from all around the world.




GET INVOLVED!Every tweet and photo will be a part of the UNESCO Girl’s and Women’s Education, which helps the education of the young girls.

Be a part of the campaign toghether with L’Oreal Paris and get involved on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, where you can share your wishes!

 I already got my wish: I wish that every woman feels beautiful every day. #Womansday2014 #WomenWishes . What’s yours?

Happy Woman’s Day to all my beloved readers! 

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