Get your tech-life on! The new Galaxy Note 3

A few years ago, the giant brand Samsung brought to us The Galaxy Note. A phone that looked more like a mini-tablet, and had a new aattachment: The S Pen. A new generation was invented, and with this thing, the people got the „Note fever„.  Until today, there are three phones that belong to the … Citește în continuare

The perfect gift S.O.S

Whether it’s your mother, dad, cousin or aunt, you’ll always think about the „perfect present” for their birthday. You might say you don’t know their taste, or their favorite color, but actually there’s a simple guide to hit the right spot when you’re in trouble. Mom: What’s not to like about them, and they always … Citește în continuare

Minimalistic Decorations for Autumn: H&M

As we enjoyed Zara Home as our go-to source for home decorations, there’s one more surprise to come to Romania this autumn. The giant retailer H&M has announced, apart from the fabolous collaboration with Isabel Marant, the opening of H&M Home in our country.   This may not be the last thing to know for … Citește în continuare

1..2..3..Online Shoppers

When clothes fit the stores no more, they go online.  Or maybe not. But they just go online too, because it’s more comfortable for us to get them at home than going for endless shopping sessions. The history goes back to 1991 when the first shopping site was opened for use. Now, in 2013 nearly … Citește în continuare


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