Spring Style| VOGUE FESTIVAL insider

Spring is here, already in the air, and everywhere. I was literally in love with this quote that I saw a few days ago on Tumblr, and which reflects so much the weather right now. Beautiful.   And now speaking of fashion, you should all know that VOGUE FESTIVAL is happening this March(29-30), which is … Citește în continuare

Statement necklaces craziness

Recently I have seen everybody wearing it. Even with a plain t-shirt. Or with a classy dress. The gig, bold and colofrul necklaces are all the rage. What do you say? I think I must update my jewelry as well, and I thought of some pieces. What do you think? This one is from ZARA, … Citește în continuare

You’re tagged! 10 questions/ 10 answers

I was very happy to see that Lucandrob has tagged me into a contest that is viral on WordPress. You’re tagged 10 questions /10 answers  lets people know you better and reveals the real blogger, behind the screen. I received my questions in German, and as long as my German knowledge doesn’t fail me, I will … Citește în continuare


It is not a secret anymore that the houndstooth print has covered the fashion statements this season. You can get it in any form: jacket, coat, trousers, blouses, dresses, shoes…   We love it for its versatility and for giving people the chance to combine it with almost every color. He have selected some unique … Citește în continuare


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