Wine up | Drinks for days

We are getting the most out of this holiday already, and I thought about something different for you. Now, I know many of you like a good wine along with their food for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, so here’s a little guide to help you shop the right one. I find it very easy … Citește în continuare

Trend Highlights: Cocktail Rings

We ‘re totally in love with them. They match your drinks, and moreover, will draw all attention on you. They’re so colorful and amazing! The Piaget collection features gold and jewels, built in incredible combinations, to inspire you! They look like Martini and Daiquiri, and many other delish drinks! You’ll find here some suggestions , … Citește în continuare

The COFFEE obsession

I didn’t just pick cute pictures of coffee from various websites. I write about coffee because it’s my passion. It makes 3 years since I first tasted it and it feels amazing. Coffee inspires me, and the taste of it it’s the most important to me. Many people don’t like it, and that’s ok , … Citește în continuare


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