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Everyone has  to know their products. Skin, eyes, lips,hair. Having one of these with you will help you out no matter what. Trust me! Top 5 beauty and fashion is meant to bring you some of my top list products that I have tested and liked, and fully recommend to you. Enjoy!


If the winter ain’t over yet, you’ll find this very helpful. It retails for about 14 $ but it’s worth the price. It heals very dry lips and gives them a natural and healthy look.


From the moment I saw this eyeshadow I knew I must have it. It’s so versatile and you can use it for day or night makeup.  You’ll never go wrong with this  warm brown.


And if you got that eyeshadow you might want to get this eye cream too. It works miracles on your tired and dry eyes, and helps the skin not to get darker. Very, very useful.


The MAC brow gel it’s such a great product that gives your eyebrows that professional look you get from your beauty salon. It comes in four different shades.


Let’s not forget this amazing treatment that will fix your hair and make it stronger. I like it especially because I use a lot of straightening iron and blow dryer on it so it works very well.

And now it’s fashion’s turn. I was thrilled to watch all those fashion shows and see what the designers offer us for the new season. See the highlights…

Fringe. As seen in this image, Calvin Klein goes for fringe from head to toe, and creates an amazing outfit. Love it!

Dennis Basso reminds us not to forget to go floral this spring. Amazing combinations of colors that will bring your closet to life!

Diane von Furstenberg doesn’t forget the most beloved crop top that almost all celebrities rocked this season. Lovely way to pair it with a skirt!

Embellished clothes are all the rage. See the Phillip Lim collection for more details on this gorgeous trend!

Last but not least Reed Krakoff shows  maxi trousers on the runway, in a way to inspire us. Don’t forget that the oversized trousers are a part of the resort collections too, so you can combine resort with spring anytime.

Stay tuned and discover more of the collections HERE!

 &if you have any questions/ideas/thoughts don’t hesitate to write them below 🙂

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  1. […] things make me feel like it’s summer again. And this spring it has to be floral right? Check the previous article if you missed it! You can find the necklace on Exclusives, a site that I really like and has cool […]

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