5 essentials | beauty&fashion

Everyone has  to know their products. Skin, eyes, lips,hair. Having one of these with you will help you out no matter what. Trust me! Top 5 beauty and fashion is meant to bring you some of my top list products that I have tested and liked, and fully recommend to you. Enjoy! If the winter … Citește în continuare

Take care of your Hair! Start right now~

The hair is always a must when you care about your look. The cold season is here, and your hair knows that too. Why should we take care of our hair?   It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or hot outside, your hair needs protection all the time. It’s very sensitive to any change, so … Citește în continuare

Trend alert: HAIR

Long or short, there is no excuse not to style your hair. This summer is all about playing with the lenght and color, so don’t be affraid to rock your hair on! STYLE PREMIERE has gathered a 3-step guide to inspire you: Be bun-alicious! Hair buns are everywhere…from the catwalks to the streets. Pull your … Citește în continuare


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