Statement necklaces craziness

Recently I have seen everybody wearing it. Even with a plain t-shirt. Or with a classy dress. The gig, bold and colofrul necklaces are all the rage. What do you say?

I think I must update my jewelry as well, and I thought of some pieces. What do you think?



This one is from ZARA, and I like it because it’s kind of asymmetrical. And the colors are deep. It has like a tropical touch 🙂


I like the next one because like every girl, I like pink. And I like to wear it like in this necklace. All the rhinestones and the flowery things make me feel like it’s summer again. And this spring it has to be floral right? Check the previous article if you missed it! You can find the necklace on Exclusives, a site that I really like and has cool things!


Or this one? I like the baroque details, and the colors are amazing. It really makes you feel like royal…. The necklace is from Diva Charms  and I think it’s worth having it!

So what do you say? Statement yes or no? Would you wear this necklaces ?

 They make beautiful gifts too, just like a little V-day suggestion!

6 Responses to “Statement necklaces craziness”
  1. lucandrob spune:

    I like them, you should definitely get a statement necklace!!

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