Statement necklaces craziness

Recently I have seen everybody wearing it. Even with a plain t-shirt. Or with a classy dress. The gig, bold and colofrul necklaces are all the rage. What do you say? I think I must update my jewelry as well, and I thought of some pieces. What do you think? This one is from ZARA, … Citește în continuare

Holiday nails. With OPI & Mariah Carey

I know, we all want Christmas to be here as soon as possible. But I have something better. YOU CAN! ISN’T IT GREAT?   You may now wonder how… well OPI& Mariah Carey are bringing it a bit earlier, for you to try the magic of the holiday! It’s another fabolous collaboration between the two, … Citește în continuare

Summer issue: Sunglasses report

Sunglasses are deffinitely a must when it comes to all seasons. Even if the sun’s not up and shinig bright, the UV rays can affect our eyes. That’s why we must be very careful when we choose our sunnies, and not only buy them because they’re fashionable. This is a guide for you to know … Citește în continuare

Trend alert: HAIR

Long or short, there is no excuse not to style your hair. This summer is all about playing with the lenght and color, so don’t be affraid to rock your hair on! STYLE PREMIERE has gathered a 3-step guide to inspire you: Be bun-alicious! Hair buns are everywhere…from the catwalks to the streets. Pull your … Citește în continuare


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